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Vibrating to a Higher Drummer for that Special Relationship-Content Blogging Series for Extended Travel

We hope you follow along with our Frugal Travels practical method for being able to continue traveling. This portion of our blog is to provide an example of ways to continuing your traveling by doing simple chores online. Presently, we are working witha few brands and include this here in our series. We hope you can see how easy it is and perhaps you’ll be inspired to write a bit for yourself.

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A positive relationship can be truly life changing. The ‘sweep you of your feet and transport you to a happier place’ kind of relationship that can happen at any stage of life is what it’s all about, isn’t it? A guest stayed with us a few years ago who told of something that could only happen in Kathmandu. He was walking down the street and almost stumbled into his old high school lover. That wouldn’t be so interesting, but my friend was in his late 50’s and hadn’t heard from his old girlfriend in over 40 years!

Things like this can only happen when the two people are on the same positive wave-length, or as they say in metaphysical thought, they need to vibrate at the same frequency. Fortunately, for my friend, he had a positive attitude even before he met up with Sally. But that day marked the best day of their lives, at least during that initial stage of romance.

The funniest thing about it was they were from Great Britain. They could have easily met via one of the local sites like dating sites in suffolk These free dating are becoming more and more popular all around the world. What used to be really scary behavior, meeting someone on the internet, has come into vogue in recent years. Not only has it become mainstream, but it has allowed people to come together based upon more deeply held beliefs rather than superficial things like physical appearance.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that a person will attract exactly to the vibrational level that he/she vibrates. So, if you’ve given up on life, become calloused about life, well, you are likely to attract a person who will help you to become even more calloused about life and you’ll really want to give up on life when he/she gets through with you.

If you are at that stage how can you attract someone better, who will pull you out of the funk? You already know the only person who can do that for you. That’s the person who was there when you were born and will be there the day you die; that person is you.

Start now to raise your vibration by forgiving and releasing the past. Let go of that weight and free yourself of that baggage. Don’t do it for the other person, but do it for yourself. Forgive and release and feel a bit lighter. Forgive and release some more and you’ll be even lighter and freer than ever.

Who to forgive first? Yes, it’s that same person, your best friend, you. So get in the habit of looking in the mirror and thinking a good thought about yourself. When you feel yourself mentally brow-beating yourself stop and listen. ‘Oh, I’m the worst person who ever walked the planet?’ Remind yourself how far you’ve come. That little baby with the ear infection that no one discovered, give that little child a mental hug and love that baby.

When you become your own best friend you won’t let anyone speak about you like that. Your habit can become to answer that voice back with a strong retort. You do not have to believe negative, hurtful things about yourself, even when it comes from your own inner dialog.

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