Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Dating Sites in Nepal?

Many young men in Nepal resist getting married and seem content to hang with their buddies rather than settling down with a family. Even when the young man has a wife and children he often still continues to hang with his friends rather than go home. Sometimes the young man admits that he has to get married, not because he got a young woman pregnant, but that his mother needs help with the housework and need care.

Times are changing fast for young people in Nepal. Young women are becoming a lot freer now, with the good and the bad side of the love issue for marriage. Many young Nepali women are stepping up and asking for more. I find it quite nice.

With sites like E-harmony in the US and dating sites in jersey jersey dating site and free dating sites for the British being mainsteam, it seems only fitting that Nepal's dating site business would become mainstream, too, sooner or later.

Nepal's young people are also more likely to marry a non-Nepali if they have the opportunity and many tourists come to Nepal for 'Tourism Sex' more so for female tourists than men. It's easy to see the appeal. These young men have a lovely inocense about them, lots of energy and enthusiasm to go abroad.

I do worry that there will be no going back and the young people will forever be changed. Although it may be a good thing for the young women, the young men who succumb to the European or American tourist may get more than he bargained for. He may come away with a sexually transmitted disease, since there is still a much higher insident in such things from the west that in Nepal at this time. This is a worse problem exasserbated by the fact that the men generally have no education in health or hygeine from any formal school here in Nepal. Those things are not spoken of and those certain things-of all else-should not be ignored.

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