Nobody told me Nepal was so incredible. Like so many others, I came here on India visa issues.
I noticed the tourists seemed to all look alike, westerners in hiking boots. But Nepal has so much more to offer than just trekking.

I decided to write a blog and book to encourage other types of people to come here. Not only is it about saving money, but I  put as much information as possible on making your stay here safe and enjoyable.

I’ve discovered Nepali values that could actually pay for your trip so I  wrote the book and blog that could have been called, ‘1001 Reasons to Come to Nepal.’ I am wrote the book as an E-book for a couple of reasons; I can update it more easily and I can put a link to the information rather than taking up space with things like addresses.

I invite you to follow along with my assistant de jour and me as we explore Nepal.



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  2. Namaste!
    Thanks for promoting Nepal, like the idea of 1001 reason to visit Nepal and you are totally right that Nepal has lot more to offer than just trekking and mountains....
    Vimal Thapa/Nature-treks.com

  3. Namaste,
    Thanks for your book - it was helpful and I would recommend reading it BEFORE you travel, not on the plane like me. I missed bringing the things I needed and bought stuff I didn't. My top tip to add is if you have dark hair get a hair colour from a "chemist" shop on the streets for a little over a £ if you buy local brand which made my hair soft and covered my grey!

    Can you also try to visit www.streetdogcare.org which is a great NGO 200m from Buddha Gate main entrance (cross road and go down side lane virtually opposite on other side of road). The road will join on another after 100m or so. At that sort of fork go right and after a few more metres before the field/open area on left you see big red gates. Knock and shout. The dogs will bark and someone will come. Make sure the guard dog is tied up. You will get a nice welcome. You can contact Andrea and take her some dog worming stuff too or leave a donation for the work they do caring for sick animals.

    Enjoy your trip to Nepal AND don't forget to get some medical masks if you don't want black snot after a few days of inhalation of all the fumes and pollution. It helps a lot and is thinner so not as hot as the thicker masks.

  4. Amanda,

    Because you describe your lodgings as 9.0 earthquake safe, I can only hope that you and your loved ones were home when the temblor struck. Regardless, you must surely be reeling from the aftershocks, both physical and emotional. I have always enjoyed your comments in Couchsurfing forums (through which I discovered your blog), and encourage you to update those of us with lesser connections to you when you can. You have well-wishers even among those who've never met you, and who are worried about your well-being.