Thursday, August 4, 2016

Our Warm Clothing Drive

When I first arrived in Kathmandu my Nepali friend told me Nepali do not like used clothing. That made sense to me because I've heard it said that part of one's aura can be left behind on clothing. Actually, that is only true for people in higher castes who are not suffering from the cold.

Our volunteer, Daniel was very excited about our organisation's name so he has inked it in his body.

Our recent interns/volunteers, Daniel and Julia, brought 10 Kilo of good quality, warm clothing. Then we got about another 20 Kg. of clothing sent from Germany by a newly arriving volunteer. We also had more clothes left my other guests and volunteers and baby hats and knitted things sent from New Zealand from Kerensa's friend. These things are hardly worn and excellent quality, even handmade for us.

We called a few people Sajana knows from the village and spread everything out on the big bed. The women were allowed to take just 1-2 items so we would have the bulk of the clothing for people in the high country. I just realized that although many people in this village are affluent by Nepal's standards, we still have plenty of poor people. It may not snow here, but it does get bitter cold.

I found a post I wrote about 2 years ago, before the earthquakes and before founding our agency. I think it's time to see how much more we can collect. We have only about 60 days until the nights become a problem, especially for people in the shelters.

Here's our offer:
Warm Clothing Drive for People in the High Villages.

Get up to ½ off on your room charges at the Star View Guest House & Retreat Center, Changunarayan.
Please bring warm clothing to donate and enjoy 100 NRs. per Kg. of warm clothing off the price of your room. Stay with us for a maximum of 2 weeks for 1/2 off.
Book your stay now at This is the least expensive room, so we can arrange a room after you book this one. We will adjust your balance accordingly upon arrival
Or call 015141181
Star View Guest House & Retreat Center

You can see the gratitude in this woman's eyes.
This woman is in a remote village we took warm clothing to last year.
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