Sunday, August 7, 2016

Gathe Mangal- The Metal Day

This is the celebration as it was in Bhaktapur
 CoWritten by Sajana Bhadel and Amanda Summers

Are you the kind of person who likes superstition? Can you walk under a ladder or cross the path of a black cat? If this describes you, you'll enjoy this festival. Parents swing their children through the fire as the effigy burns to release demons and bad karma, like a fresh start. Everyone joyfully follows the straw figure down to the river to be done with negative energy, such are some of traditions during this lively festival.

Gathe Mangal, or Ghantakarna Chaturdashi, is a festival is celebrated generally in the month of Shrawan, June/July. We have a special puja/offering to demons, serpents and other supernatural and natural elements like wind, water and fire to get rid of evils powers and the legendary demons. There is a belief among Nepalese that there used to be a Demon named Ghantakarna, a legendary demon who spread havoc against the people. Although this festival is celebrated throughout Nepal, Changunarayan celebrates it in its own, particular style, with even nearby villages having their own traditions. 

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