Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Indra Jatra Nepal-Bhaktapur Style

IndraJatra Nepal 2018

At the end of monsoon the Newar people stop to thank Indra, the god of heaven, for the abundant rice crop and for the life that monsoon brings. Rather than go to Kathmandu, we decided upon a bit slower pace of Bhaktapur for this celebration. If you go to Nepal in September check the calendar to see if you can join us for this festival. For more information please see our blog post

We stayed at Sunny Guest House near the Nyatapola, 5 story Temple, which I’d recommend. Taumadhi Square-11, Bhaktapur, Nepal +977 6616094 or 9841588688
Our thanks goes out to Sharmeela Rajbhandary Mulepati for the portion of the video of the elephant. This came on the fourth day, which we were unable to see.

Thanks to Kiron Mrzn for the Music.

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