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Nepal, A Retiree Winter Retreat

After 9/11/2001 my eyes opened and I started educating myself as to the political landscape of my country, USA. Yes, we all went through this, I know. Although I always wanted to travel the world and go to Africa, that wake-up call made me commit to that goal at a deeper level. My kids were young and my husband was in heart failure and not a likely travel companion to start with.

It wasn't until 2010 that I was able to get out, but it was life changing. I highly recommend a solo travel abroad-preferably one way. When I landed in Nepal I just fell in love with the place-everything!
Don't wait for 2020. You can come this winter.

Being as I'm looking at the world through a widow's lens, I see Nepal a bit differently than many of my more financially substantial counterparts. I see Nepal as a way to go from rags to riches without having to get more income.

But it isn't for everyone. First, the roads are not great and some of the potholes are big enough to get a car stuck. When you go to Kathmandu you have to use a mask to keep the pollution from bothering you too much. No one seems to follow through on their promises, but I'm expected to-even when they don't, and the list goes on. It's a big adjustment and it's not because the people are bad. They are really wonderful to tourists; it's just culture.

What's my point? My point is that for Americans who stuggle in the winter time to stay warm, get enough help to not have to shovel snow and have such high deductibles on insurance they cannot afford to take care of their dental issues or want to explore alternative medicine or get testing. No, I'm not saying to come here to get open heart surgery or anything like that done. There are many issues regarding infections and such that make it a foolish choice if there is another option. But putting up a crowdfunding project for medical help isn't always the only solution.

My badly sprained ankle

That being said, a person can get a root canal fixed for less than $200, usually a lot less. If you want to pay $30 you can, but it won't likely be very good. But you can go to a modern hospital with state-of-the-art equipment in Nepal and get care that is almost the same as in developed nations. Yes, almost; think 1995. As I've written about elsewhere, during one dental visit, the radiologist came to take me to get x-rays and I noticed he was wearing gloves. Wonderful! But as I followed him to the x-ray room he met a friend and actually shook hands with him! Did he change his gloves? No, although I'm sure he would have if I'd have asked.

Another issue was due to my going during the winter time to get my teeth cleaned. Good news: it was only $6. Bad news: they had no heating of the water they squirted into my mouth for 30 minutes. It was so cold it hurt! You see what I mean?

I've been pleasently surprised on a number of occassions and my teeth are in better shape than when I'd neglect them for so long back home due to the cost. There are MRI slice equipment where you can do an entire body scan for around $100. Although I tried to get a doctor to let me take one, if there is a medical need they will easily provide a prescription. If aneurysms run in your family you'd do well to have such a scan-and other reasons. What I like about Nepal's medical testing is the fact that no one asks for ID; it's completely anonymous.

So, what are you supposed to do? Show up and ask for a dental clinic? Well, you could probably do that, but I have a better idea.

I love caring for people and if you read the reviews on our guesthouse, Star View in Changunarayan, you will see the reviews I get on the way I personally care about our guests. My suggestion, recommendation is to come for the winter and stay with us or elsewhere and get such things taken care of.

The weather and view from our guesthouse on Oct. 30, 2017

I put out an offer of $800 a month all inclusive of private room, meals and transportation, even airfare. This would be on a 5-month agreement, but if it didn't work out a person could just pay back for the flight and be on their way. I would help them to find another place to stay. The only commitment would be on my part. If you pay for airfare we can give you a private room with private bath and all the food prepared for you from just $500 a month.

What would a person do here? Actually, there are a lot of things people spend their time doing, such as volunteering in the government school or helping our farmers start organic farming. Others write their memoirs or do internet projects; it's a great place for digital nomads. We have broadband internet, filtered water, refrigerator, back-up electric, room heaters, room servicing, solar water heating and just about whatever you need. We even have a HAM radio and antenae for your use.

"But what about all my bills and obligations back home while I'm away," you ask? If you understand that Facebook is not 'the internet' you are lightyears ahead of most of the population in Nepal. Therefore, you can get creative about how you can travel while producing some value along the way to help supplement your income. Here is a rather long list of ways a person can travel while earning a bit. Jason Swain is a blogger and online worker who's explored many an online money-making scheme and such. The life of a digital nomad isn't for everyone, but it might help supliment your travels or use one of these ideas to help you save up to travel: https://www.basedbachelor.com/entrepreneurship/how-to-make-money-while-traveling/

Tourists are able to stay here for 5 months per calendar year, so coming in November and staying until the end of March can get you out of the worst part of winter for most people. Such a schedule could easily be a way to save a bit of money and give you a special time of not having to worry about things.

I'm 65 years old and have been blogging about the virtues of Nepal for 7 years now. I'm from the US and lived a fairly middle class lifestyle throughout my life and know the importance of handwashing, etc. Having someone on your side to help you through all the cultural nuances will make your stay a real retreat with mild weather, sunshine everyday and activities that will enrich your life.

My goal is to have our guesthouse be like stepping back to the West when you are inside. However, that would be a gross exaggeration if I were to claim that. However, in a country where almost 20% of tourists get stomach issues, we haven't gotten anyone sick due to food preparation in over 3 years. Yes, it happens, but I eat the same food as my guests, so it's a major problem for our staff if that happens. Three years is major in Nepal!

As more and more benefits are taken away from us in America, I think it's time to rethink our later years and think outside the box. When you go back in the spring you will have done all the needed medical testing and maybe a few visits to some unconventional healers. You'll have a whole new smile and new reasons for smiling. You'll have prescription meds to take home and we can send you more when you run out. Then you can show your doctor the test results and save a lot of money.

I have many connections on Twitter with people in the #Resist movement. For anyone serious about the US elections and political climate, book your flight for right after the election as a reward for your hard work. If the Dems win it will take a while to get whatever we lost back, if at all. So, you deserve a break and Nepal is calling (If you are a trumpster I apologize in advance. I can be pretty annoying, so I'm happy to help you find somewhere).

I know there are millions who would benefit from this offer, but I only have room for 4, at the most. Any inquiries are welcome to contact me at FrugalTravelsNepal@gmail.com
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