Sunday, April 15, 2018

Pokhara, an Amazing City in Nepal

This post is written by Rupak Giri who works for us at 
Kay Garnay for Nepal.

Pokhara is one of the best cities to see in Nepal, a welled planned city with proper roads and clean environment, with some of the best scenic views all around. Traveling about 200 km from Kathmandu you can reach to this beautiful destination. 

There is only one highway that  takes you to Pokhara, but you'll be happy to see many road improvements on the way. There is even a place to catch the tourist bus from Bhaktapur. We do not suggest taking a local bus, under any circumstances. Conversely, you can even choose air flight to reach there if you don’t like the long vehicle ride. Pokhara has a lot to offer for every kind of person from adventure loving to nature loving, from young couples to old, Pokhara is the place for everyone. 

Pokhara lies in a valley, same as Kathmandu, with hills surrounding it and  carrying views of a wide range of  snow capped mountains. This area offers lovely views of Mt. Makalu, Aanapurna, Maccha Puchrey(fish tail), breathtaking views of thes popular mountains. Unfortunately, views of Mt. Everest are not possible in this region.

Pokhara lies on the lap of these beautiful mountains with rivers flowing from these; just beautiful. It seems nature has expressed its love to this city; it looks to be decorated as a newly married bride. Pokhara has become a favorite place for tourists in Nepal, being naturally rich. Pokhara has recently become the first choice, according to the Tourism Board of Nepal.

Adventure loving people can do paragliding, trekking, bungee, zip flying, kayaking, hiking and boating. Pokhara is the starting place for so many popular trekking routes,
as well as being a place for the peace loving person. There are beautiful lakes, waterfalls and parks where people can spend quality time. You can even do boating on the beautiful Fewa and Begnas lakes. Pokhara is a joyful place; it goes to sleeps late and wakes up early with bars, nightclubs and pub restaurants are all over the place with many nearby guesthouses, hotels and hostels. 
Lakeside is a popular place throughout the Pokhara area and an attraction point for many activities. The environment gets musical at sunset as the bars and clubs offer live music. Happy faces throughout the city, that’s what you'll see when you get to Pokhara. People from all over the country with many religious traditions, castes, ethnic groups, with a variety of norms, values and cultures all at the same place enjoying their time.
There's a lot more to do and a lot more places to visit than you'll have time to see. You can enjoy the differing cultures and traditions of local people as they live peacefully together.  
Tip: It does tend to rain more in this region, so be sure to plan a few days for capturing the bestt sunsets. Additionally, always give at least 2 days prior to your flight home in addititon to your travel day when in Pokhara.
Nepali Thakali khana is a popular menu suggestion around there, but you can find many restaurants serving food  from around the world. Although we never recommend the street food in Nepal, local shops serve a variety of local foods. It's obvious that they prepare and serve the food from their hearts with a smile on their faces.
You can rent a vehicle with driver to take you around Pokhara; there are several caves to visit and a waterfall, too.
Sarankot is the highest hill of pokhara from where you can see the best mountain range views and amazing sunrises. 

For sunset you can go to the World Peace Stupa where you can see mesmerizing sunsets, Pokhara City and the beautiful Fewa lake. Although a few years ago the lake was polluted and the road getting there was horrific, times are changing rather quickly in Nepal and this is one example of how tourism can power environmental improvements. 

About our guest blogger: Rupak is our administrator at Kay Garnay for Nepal and Star View Guest House. He loves mountain biking and showing tourists around on either mountain bikes or on the back of his motorcycle. I'm sure he'd love to take the day off to go on a bike ride. Contact him directly at: girirupak4 {at} 

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