Friday, July 1, 2016

Great Shopping Finds in Kathmandu

As most of my readers know, I'm a huge fan of Nepali handicrafts. It's typical of me to wander off from the group and get stuck in a tiny, crowded store with unique products as we walk in many of the districts of Kathmandu.  Brass, copper, semi-precious stones, hard-fired pottery or even handmade musical instruments are just the start. As I walk along I'll see something I'd never seen before, a button store, Tibetan style fabrics, woolen carpet or possibly furniture. Such fine workmanship and at bargain prices.

Last week was no different. Our volunteer guests and Nepali escorts walked along at their own pace while I scouted the stores for unique treasures. This first find is a large teapot made with inlaid turquoise that would look stunning on a mantle or display shelf.

This same store had two other unique pieces. This is the retail outlet for a family-owned manufacturing factory or workshop. These pieces are made by experienced, professional artisans, not slaves in a sweatshop.

I found this piece, a canister with Buddhas and traditional designs intricately integrated into the piece to be breathtaking. It has an antique look about it that would work with a variety of decor.

This copper canister reminded me of the Buddhist prayer wheels in Kathmandu. It is obviously hand-crafted and well-made. This piece is one of their signature pieces, so it can be ordered in sets of any amount. Others of the pieces are one of a kind and would be more difficult to order more. However, being as this is factory direct, I'm confident we will be able to order these pieces. It is important to order an entire set at one time to make sure the copper and designs match. Otherwise, the tone could be a bit different.

If you come to Nepal the shopping can be some of the most amazing days. Do take a day or two just to explore the quality of art in Nepal.

Kay Garnay for Nepal, our NGO, has established a shopping, finding service for people looking to support our work and get some unusual pieces. If any of these are of interest, please inquire and we can send you more details. If you are coming to Nepal you'll be able to save even more by finding them yourself, which is half the fun. Getting a box from Nepal would be a close second.

Please inquire about these or let us shop for you. Just let us know what you are looking for at   We use the little bit of profit for our management costs and projects.

The price for this teapot is $199 plus shipping

Price for this piece is $99 plus shipping

This canister/pot is $129 plus shipping

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