Sunday, October 11, 2015

What to Do in Nepal If You Only Have a Week?

What to do if you can only be in Nepal for a week? You aren't going to have much time so you need to pick an area to explore. If coming by land you could see Lumbini and Chitwan area. Here in my village I say it's like a step back in time, but in Chitwan time just stops. You will hear yourself say 3 times, "Is it still Tuesday?" It's quite hot there throughout most of the year, but it's great in January.

Tip: Bring binoculars. Bird watching is amazing.

As I write this, in October 2015, there is a bit of a political problem in that area because Nepal didn't make the new constitution the way India wanted them to make it. So, be sure to check the news regularly. It's probably not a good idea to come until the blockade India has made is gone. The conditions are becoming quite dire.

Be careful about just camping out in that area; a rino wandered through our guest house property when I was there.

If you come by air you'll want to stay around the Kathmandu Valley. You can do several permit-free trekking routes. The Valley Rim Route will take you through many lovely little villages and to some incredible views of the Himalayas. You'll walk through a forest and can catch views of Mt. Everest along the way. You can see Bhaktapur ($15 admission) Changunarayan ($3 admission) Nagarkot (free), Panauti (?) Dhulikel (free) and Nama Buddha (?). You can do this in 2-5 days. You'll experience the 'real' Nepal and see exceptional views.

Stay in Thamel the first and last two nights and you will have a great time.  There are guest houses on every corner, but if you'd like a recommendation for nice, clean, budget guest house call Gupal at Hotel Bright Star. I've been recommending him for a few years and everyone really likes him and his wife. The price will be in the $10 range. +977 014423944 Hotel Bright Star weathered the earthquakes well enough, but the guest house next door didn't do so well.The street is cleaned up and Gupal has made the repairs and they are by in business.
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