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6 Facts You Need To Know When You Travel in Nepal.

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Nepal is so much fun : each day is a surprise, a new adventure, a learning. You will have to make your own mistakes to get to know the culture, but here are some little tips that might help you during your first days on this sacred land :

1- Your black coffee will be filled with sugar.

You crave for a black coffee. A big, tasty, strong black coffee. No milk, no sugar; you like it 100% black.
Here you are at a local restaurant, ordering your holy Grail. It arrives, in its beautiful dark robe, and all your senses are arising. You take the warm cup between your hands, smell this delicious aroma, and prepare your lips to kiss the exquisite beverage. All the sudden, the divine moment collapses : the taste of your succulent coffee is masked by the sweetness of a ounce of white sugar. Urgh. You go to ask for another coffee without sugar, and you end up with a black-coloured water slightly tasting like coffee.
You do the mistake once, and twice, and trice. Then you remember : coffee isn't great in small local places, and if you decide to order it anyway, beg the waiter to forget the sugar.

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2- You'll never get the fair price.

If you are accustomed to travel in Asia, you probably know that negotiate a price is a must-to-do. It might be easy in South East Asia, but Nepali are especially sharp in business.
The way you look like is important. The more touristy you are, the more likely a seller is to confound you with a huge dollars bill. Dress local, avoid western brands, huge money belt and socks with sandals, then you might be ready for the negotiation part.
Don't be afraid to ask 50%, even 60% of the price. They usually won't go that low, but keep trying. Fix a price in your head and stick to it. It is easier to do so before shops are closing : if the day wasn't good, they will be more likely to sell for a cheaper price. If you are still not satisfy and have the opportunity to come back to the shop, try again the day after. And remember : keep smiling and kidding, negotiation has to be fun.

4- If you need clean toilets, go to a bank.

Where the money is kept, the cleanest are the toilets. As bizarre as it might sound, toilets in banks are relatively clean and, the most important, furnished with toilet paper ! Banks are pretty much everywhere; it shouldn't be hard for you to find one on your way, before it becomes to urgent. Otherwise, always carry some tissues or toilet paper with you.

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5- The three people rule.

People in Nepal are nice and willing to help you. However, if you are lost in one of those narrow and messy street in Kathmandu, looking for your guesthouse, you better ask three time your way. Indeed; instead of disappointing you by saying they have no idea of where is the place you want to go, Nepali people would rather show you the wrong direction.
The more times you ask, the more likely you are to find your way. And don't be afraid : locals speak perfectly English.

6- Maybe means no.

As mentioned previously, Nepali people are polite and won't make you feel uncomfortable. They will always find other ways to say no. Take a "maybe" as a no, and if one day you crave for tofu and the restaurant you go tells you they'll only have tofu tomorrow, don't bother to come back : they won't have tofu before a long, long time.

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