Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Great Escape-From Motherhood

This blog post will inspire retired women to come to Nepal. This is my first long term guest to come to my 'Senior Gap Year' Project:

. . . "The day my dear husband died was the day I picked my life back up and began to live, but I clung to the love of these three souls hoping as they matured they would each appreciate and love me like I had loved them. Obviously that didn’t happen and it’s really fine that this is the way it was for me. Had it not been for the independent nature that I had instilled in them I know I would still be living my life for them, and waiting for grandchildren, and taking menial work so I could manage the hours in case someone needed me. I’ve seen it happen to plenty of my girlfriends. . . " Keep reading:

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  1. Thanks, Martha, for sharing from your heart. I know it wasn't easy for you. I think it's more that the culture in the US doesn't allow for the old time emotional connections. Its a new culture of, "Done that, move on..." We are such forward thinkers we forget to be here now or look back at the past. Maybe it isn't that our children don't love us; maybe they just love us differently.