Thursday, May 30, 2013

Alternative Healing in Nepal

According to my eBook Nepal has some very good medical values. I know this is true but this being Nepal, sometimes things don't work out as one expects. I've had redness on my cheeks off and on for quite some time and have been very careful to use sunscreen and good products on my skin. The redness has been extremely annoying, and now a mole has come up, so I decided to work on it here in Nepal. 

First I went to the Nepal Skin Hospital in Baneshawor. They have excellent laser equipment, but my fair skin required the doctor to go so slowly I didn't get good results. My friend, Mehendra suggested the Kathmandu teaching hospital in Dhulikel. Mehendra is a doctor and has a pharmacy, so I took his advice and started going there. This is a new hospital with state-of-the-art equipment. The treatments I got there were mostly for a little mole that's been bothering me, but it didn't respond well to the treatment there. The doctor advised me to go to Delhi or Dubai for treatment.

Kathmandu Teaching Hospital in Dhulikhel

A couple years ago I went to a lama that healed my shoulder from riding on the back of a cycle-we hit a hole and my shoulder got pulled a bit. That was an interesting experience. We sat there for more than an hour while he worked on his other patients until it was my turn. He chanted, blew on me and seemed to be cleaning my aura while he spoke in Nepali and recited prayers. My shoulder was completely healed from him and he gave me a reading for my life path. It only cost 400 NRs./$5. He was wonderful. The only problem was that while he healed my shoulder, I actually had pneumonia. The next night I thought I was having a heart problem and went to Dr. Iwamura Hospital in Bhaktapur. I got excellent treatment.

My friend, Kamal, from the Sunapati Thanka Painting School, brought over a healing lama for me and it has been very interesting to experience his method. It's taken almost a month so far and my skin is responding, but very slowly. What I did not understand is that he actually came to heal me in a different way. This treatment is for a longer, more prosperous and happy life.It involves removing more than just redness or a mole. He gave me medicine that came with a paint brush to apply it. What else would you expect from a monk? He's come several times and even put my name in his book to continue praying for me.

This is Some, my helper, and the healing lama on his second visit. Some's family name is Thing. I was so happy with him, but he quit. He was really Something, but now I have Nothing. :(
The first time he came he worked for hours making the tray of idols. He chanted as he did the work with rice throwing, splashing water and other strange things. At the end of the time the tray of idols was just thrown away. 
This idol is Ganesh's shrew. I like how the Buddhist and Hindu share gods.

If you are coming to Nepal for an extended time these healing treatments are a great option. You can find many lamas with healing abilities near Boudha. You can also find lamas at the Buddhist temples in the West, possibly in your own area. Buddhists have no problem helping others from other faiths and there is never a call to convert.

Me in my house dress. He always comes early in the morning.
If you are coming to Nepal and are interested in exploring Buddhism you can find many temples in the Kopan, Thimi, Pharfing and Boudha areas. Note my blog post about Pharfing for a nice area that's still in the Valley, but higher elevation and lovely temples.

Ganesh temple near Pharfing. Beautiful! There are several Buddhist monasteries in the area.
There are also reiki practitioners and massage schools, but the prices are often as much as in the West. However, there is one massage school that claims to have accreditation status in the US, which would be an excellent way to learn massage.For a referral for that please send me an email.

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